Imagine a place in time where making your own natural products takes just as much time as shopping for them.  Where you can reduce your spending on various household and personal items plus decrease or eliminate toxic chemicals from your home.  A place in time where you will incrementally replace those items that sit on your shelves with ingredients that are actually good for you and those you love.

This place in time is now.  Welcome to Imagine With Essentials.

Let’s begin first by stating I am not a chemist nor a beauty therapist.  All of the recipes, helpful tips, information that I blog are simply tried and true formulas that I feel save money and are healthier choices.

Disclaimer:  The ingredients I suggest in my recipes are considered safe and natural but you should always consult with a doctor before using.  Essential Oils are amazing, have tremendous health benefits and derive from the best “medicine cabinet”  known to us, NATURE.  Although considered safe EO’s are very strong so you must always research the safest ways to incorporate new oils into your household.

Anyone with little to no experience can DIY and you can start with one simple item or expand your product empire to replace every item in your home.

You can make most of these recipes in a matter of minutes and products can be purchased and shipped right to your door.

My goal is very simple:  Quick & Easy recipes, Short list of ingredients, Healthy alternatives and money savings

Step inside your imagination as the possibilities are limitless