Hello and welcome to my blog!

DIY and Essential Oils have become a huge part of my life and the life of my friends/family.  Once you start making your own household products you may never return to store bought again.

Most of the recipes I have found was by digging through the internet,  then adjusting/adding to make it my own.  Ingredients can be substituted in many cases as that is what makes this so much fun and ultimately uniquely your own.

I encourage you to share your ideas and recipes!  Please be sure to follow my page as I try to update my blogs frequently and wouldn’t want you to miss a thing.

If you have a product you would like me to try or endorse please click on the contact tab, send me an email and I will reply as soon as possible.

The ingredients I suggest are mostly considered safe, natural and in some cases organic however even the safest ingredients from nature can be harmful if used or applied incorrectly.  I would always recommend consulting a doctor if you have any medical issues and to always test products whether on your skin or on fabric, wood, appliances etc before using.  If you are pregnant or a child I would not recommend the use of essential oils without consulting with a doctor.  My recipes are not to cure or to proclaim any medical treatment.  Some people feel safe ingesting essential oils however I highly recommend working directly with your doctor first to determine what is safe to use.