Create Space For Opportunities


Opportunities will make themselves available to you at the point you are ready to use them to add value to other people’s lives. 

“A mind prepared for opportunities will know what to do with those opportunities when they show up.”

The market will validate and support you if you show yourself to be a diligent steward of excellence. 

“Excellence is not a skill, it is a way of life.”

If you are an aspiring chef, and a top chef shows up to your home, then it would be wise to ensure that your cupboards and refrigerator are stocked with plenty. 

“Take advantage of an opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity.” 

If you want your body of work to be displayed in the limelight, then make certain that your work is of the highest quality or YOU will get exposed.

“Quality is not an act, it is a way of being.” 


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