My skincare regimen at 54

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Ugh can either be our best friend as in spending time with those you love or it could be our worst enemy, as in aging.

Nothing exists today in a lotion, gel, cream or serum that can miraculously remove years of lines, wrinkles and scars,  I am sorry to say.  You can, however,  find incredible improvements with a combination of good ingredients, healthy diet/exercise, and reduction of negative environmental influences (stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun)

I posted 3 recipes that I use every day exclusively and have seen a really nice change in my skin since using them in the last year.

I always opt for the most natural ingredients whenever possible.  I sometimes change up my recipes according to season or even when stressful times become present.  That is the beauty of making your own.

I will be doing videos very soon to demonstrate the ease of making your own products.  I tend to be a visual person and get bored easily when forced to read lengthy posts so videos can be much more affecting to me.  Stay Tuned!

So my daily routine consists of wash, tone and oil once in the morning and once at night.  I tend to tone throughout the day as well.   I haven’t found a DIY moisturizer I am completely fond of yet.  When I finally find THE ONE, you can bet I will share it with you.  I know I should be using an SPF every day and found a few really cool recipes for DIY sunscreen.  I will test them out soon and post my reviews.

Please refer to my prior blog posts listing the recipes for Facial Cleanser, Toner and Serum.

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