Can you Imagine streak free Stainless Steel?

Good morning world!

What I love the most is to rise before anyone else does, start that magical pot of coffee, open a few windows and start cleaning.  I know….I know….cleaning?  I can’t help myself but I have loved cleaning most of my adult life.

For me the satisfaction of completing a task, seeing the amazing results and knowing I am showing a true act of love for my family is a great feeling.  Even better is when I can grab all my DIY supplies and feel that extra boost of pride.

So, this morning I looked at my stainless steel appliances and as the sun was shining through my kitchen windows it displayed those infamous Stainless Steel streaks.  Yikes.  I went to my cabinet and realized I never refilled my Stainless steel cleaner, so off I went into my ingredient cabinet to quickly whip up a batch of this magic cleaner.

I am attaching before and after photos of my dishwasher and stove.  I realize you may not be able to see the hand prints, smears and grease as clearly but hopefully you will see a remarkable improvement in the after shots!

Before shot of my stove

stainless steel before

After shot!

stainless steel cleaner


  • Fractionated Coconut Oil – Find it here
  • 8 drops of Orange Essential Oil – Find it here
  • 8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil – Find it here

I use a 4 ounce spray bottle as seen in the picture.  Fill the bottle to the top with fractionated coconut oil then add all the essential oils.  Shake well then shake before each use.

As I’ve mentioned in previous cleaner recipes I have found the best cloth to use are microfiber.  I keep a clean one designated for each cleaner in a plastic bag next to the stored bottles.  This method prevents streaking as it is very common to have your microfiber clothes retain a bit of oils even after washing.

And there you go!  It takes all of 30 seconds to whip that up!


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