Roller Ball Lip Gloss-Imagine it’s the 70’s

Back in the late 1970’s while in high school the beauty trend was lip gloss….kissingpotion75

and lot’s of it!  I fondly remember my Etienne Aigner burgundy purse filled with gum, a brush, pens and pencils, blush, maybe $1.00 in change to purchase lunch and of course….2 roller ball bottles of flavored lip gloss.  Bubblegum was my favorite.

Fast forward to today.  I am now 54 years old and can still imagine that smell and the feeling of the lip gloss.  I DIY almost everything in products and love to challenge myself so with that I decided to research ingredients to make my own.

Follow this recipe and take a trip to 1976 with me don’t forget your disco dress 🙂

Roller Ball Lip Gloss-Imagine it’s the 70’s


Add all your ingredients into a bowl.  Melt the Lanolin and allow to cool.  Add it into the bowl.  Use a small whisk and mix well.  You will need a dropper or very small funnel to add to your bottles.  This recipe should make approx 4 to 5 – 10 ml bottles.

lip gloss


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